Household PE Plastic Wrap

All the properties of the household wrap including excellent anti-fogging properties and transparency is made available in this product. It makes sure the packaging is secure and easy to observe over the wrap. This enables the user to take a look at the product wrapped under the packaging.

Some of its important features are listed below:

  • Compliant to the standard: The household PE plastic wrap clearly passes all the sanitation standard tests and is completely safe and secure to be used for packaging.
  • Curved cutter design: TIts curved cutter design gives an added benefit of easy usage. It surpasses all the other products in the test of safe and secure packaging of food packets, utensils or any other related products.
  • Anti-fogging and transparency: The wrapping is clear and transparent; the user can easily see through the packaging. It has anti-fogging properties that prevents the moisture in the food and retains its freshness.
  • Cold-resistance and softness: The wrap is cold resistant which means at low temperatures, it still keeps the food fresh and moist.

A small note: It is only to be used in room temperature or in refrigeration. It is not recommended to be used in a microwave/oven or at high temperature.